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Thursday 2 May 2013

Cocoa ladies meet 'Chocolat' author Joanne Harris

In Cocoa we get told by many customers that our shop reminds them of the book (and the film) Chocolat by Joanne Harris. Although we are very much still waiting for our Johnny Depp! So when we heard Joanne Harris was coming to Sheffield we were really excited. She was doing a talk on her new book (and third sequel to chocolat), Peaches for Monsieur le Cure.

 The talk took place in the Sheffield Library Theatre. It was really interesting to hear about how she feels about her writing and her characters. She spoke about being drawn to coming back to the characters in Chocolat time after time. We were lucky enough to meet her at the end and get this very cheesy picture of me, Joanne and Kate.

My mum and our dear friend Katie also came with us to the talk. Me and Mum recognised a few Cocoa book club people there too!

We were also lucky to get our copy of Chocolat signed to Cocoa. This actually lives in Cocoa if anyone wants to see it.

 Really pleased Sheffield Librarys put on such interesting events, check out future events here.

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