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Wednesday 29 February 2012

Just a few of our fave truffles

In Cocoa we sell a variety of delicious handmade truffles from two family business's in the Peak District. Here are just a few of our most popular truffles (and prettiest).
Introducing the Pink Champagne Explosion!
and the Fresh Milk Truffle

 A classic...the Rose Cream

Champagne truffles in Milk Chocolate
 Strawberry Daiquiri Truffles

 And finally the Lemon Cream

These are just  a few of our wide range of handmade truffles, come in the shop for a peek at the rest!

Monday 27 February 2012

Handmade Purses in Cocoa

Hello! I just wanted to share our Tommy & Zac purses that we got in the shop this week. Tomoyo (or Tommy for short) is a regular customer of Cocoa and started her own business last year. She imports a lot of the fabrics from Japan and hand stitches all her pieces. Check out her facebook fan page so see what she's up to www.facebook.com/TommyandZac.

Monday 6 February 2012

Love is the Sweetest x

It's nearly that time of year again and we're opening until 10pm on February 14th for drinks and sweet nothings. 

 I just thought I'd show you a few new sweet delights we have in store and in our online shop...

A keepsake traditional heart-shaped praline tin from Heidel filled with 6 chocolate pralines. I love this one! Hint hint (to my boyfriend hehehe!)

 Mmmmm dreamy delicious milk chocolate bar with a smooth creamy praline centre, again beautifully decorated packaging. It's all about the packaging (and of course what is inside!)

We're selling these sweet praline hearts in our cabinet of loose chocolates in the shop, they are FAR too tempting! I've accidently dropped lots of these on the floor - shhh!

I have never seen a lollipop quite like this one, it s seriously HUGE!!

Pure love on a stick!

Everyone's a winner with these creamy milk chocolate buttons of loveliness, Edward took the words right out of my mouth!

Has this cheeky monkey gone all mushy on us? Surely not..


Ooo these boxes are very cute and filled with luxury Belgian chocs.

A red velvet heart shaped box of tricks, a true classic.

Mmmm gotta love Montezumas! A perfect token of your love! If they share them with you then it'd be true love indeed (they are almost too good to share)

Thought I'd save the best until last! This has a ll the elements of a perfect a Valentines Day gift. Exquisite!

And... to top it all we have fantastic new sprinkles in stock for your own Love creations!

Have the sweetest time! Kate x

Wednesday 1 February 2012

post xmas Staff day out

  Every Christmas Kate and I take the Cocoa girls out on a special trip, to say a big thank you for working so hard. As some of the girls are under 18 we don't go on a boozy night out (like most staff do's) instead we close the shop and go on a trip. Last year we went to York and ate at Betty's for a treat. This year Kate and I told the girls to meet us at the station but we didn't say where we were going.

 Here is Evie and Sophie trying to work out where we are heading.

  Emily putting the clues together and me (Anne) trying to keep in it.

Big Clue we get off at Birmingham and get on another train, this is Alice, Sophie, Kate, Sara, Emily and Evie

 I'm in the middle and I am clearly excited about the day to come....

Here we are in Bournville, which means we must be going to....Cadbury's World!!!
Now many people think this might sound silly as we don't eat a lot of Cadbury's ourselves but this is where the beginning of British Chocolate began and so there is a whole lot of chocolate history here.

 Here is Kate and Sophie learning about the origins of chocolate (while eating some!)
 Here we are on a small train going round a world made of Cocoa beans, this was a bit silly to say the least but a nice sit down.
 This was a bit psychedelic!
 Here is Emily, Evie, Kate, Sara and Alice after a shot of melted chocolate. We then went to see a panto of Cinderella.
 Our first group shot of the whole gang standing outside an old fashioned sweet shop, so we have Alice, Sara, Me (Anne), Kate, Sophie, Emily and Evie.

Goodbye Bournville! This was our attempt of a photo with all of us and the train sign of Bournville (without just asking for help) Mission accomplished. Where should we go next year??