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Tuesday 29 May 2012

God save the Queen

So it's pretty hard to ignore the fact it's Jubilee this weekend. And if there's one thing Cocoa loves, it's a tea party, at best with bunting & even better with extended weekend fun. In Cocoa we have got everything you need to prepare you own tea party fun.

Let's start with some sprinkles, these are great for decorating your own handmade Jubilee cakes..

And what better to put your cakes in then theses gorgeous cake cases with toppers...

So cute!

Theses are Cocoadance's Custard Cream truffles, that we are hoping to get for the weekend (fingers crossed)

Some very cute patriotic bears

A little Jubilee goodie bag....

What's inside....

So many queens...

If you're feeling silly (like I was)...

This 'composition' was made up of bons bons, milk bottles and sweet hearts.

Now to decorate....This wrapping paper could be cut up to make all sorts of decorations, like bunting! We have actually used it to cover our account book (to pretend it's more interesting then it is!)

Union jack Bunting...

Wooden Bunting...

Paper chains...

Now for the table....start with a table cloth

 And matching napkins and cups...

& Plates...

But if this all seems too much you could just come into Cocoa for an Eton Mess Milkshake, we'll be open everyday so no excuse!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Butterscotch and Beesting

Roll up Roll up for the magic of Butterscotch and Beesting confectionary!

I think it's high time we told you about a circus of imagination, sweets and madness! Also known as Butterscotch and Beesting. Created by a very regular Cocoa customer, Camilla. I don't even know where to start describing the Circus Camilla has created (in her head), but basically it's run by Miss Betty Butterscotch and Mr Bumblewick Beesting. A proper explanation of this is all explained here. All we need to know for now are the sweets Butterscotch and Beesting have created that live in Cocoa. Let's take a peek....

The Flying Tattercock's Cannonballs

And if you weren't sure what a Tattercock is well....


 Fizzy Fortune Fish

And a little explanation of how Betty found them.


 Heidi's Humbugs

 And how she got her humbugs...

Betty's Fizzy Whizzbees.

And a warning!

Betty's Boucing Beans.

And why they bouce!

 Nurse Betty's Magical Antidote.

 And how they work...

 And finally Betty Butterscotch's Swirly Snails.

 And how they got their swirl!


 All these delightful treats are available in Cocoa but the question is will Betty and Bumblewick find love under the big top?

Monday 14 May 2012

Magical Madagascan Chocolate

 So we have been selling some very special Madagascan chocolate bars in Cocoa and I just wanted to say a little something about why they are so special. Madecasse make their chocolate bar from Bean-to -Bar all in Madagscar (just like the Grenada bar we sell too). This is when chocolate can make a really positive effect ecomically, ethically & ecologically (try saying that with a bar in your mouth!)

 This diagram explains it very well, basically Chocolate is substantially worth more than Cocoa. By selling Chocolate you can create more money, jobs and sustainability in African countries to generate a future.


It also supports the environment around it, as well as less flights around the world there is just one.

Which helps protect this:

And we can't talk about Madagascar without including these guys, so cute!

So back to Cocoa....So far we sell three of their bars. This is a 44% milk chocolate with a really malty taste.

 A fruity 70% dark chocolate.

And a deliciously dark 80%.

This is where they live in the Shop. Why not pop in a try one for yourself.

If you are interested and would like to find out more check out their website here, there are some great pictures. Now we just need to get friendly with them so we can sneek out of Cocoa for a Madagscan chocolate trip!