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Monday 31 December 2012

Cocoa staff do 2012!

Every year in Cocoa we like to treat ourselves (after we've treated everyone else) so this year our staff do was at the lovely Fired Arts cafe on Ecclesall road. We love it here because the staff are SO friendly, the atmosphere is so chilled out, it's a chance to be creative and the best bit is you get to take home your creations. We went on a Thursday evening, which is open late every week (always good to book though) and you are allowed to bring take out and a bottle of wine!

Action shot of our ladies...

Beth with her bowl

 Kitty with her fancy espresso cup

Sophie with her massive mug!

Holly with her bowl

 Action shot of Emily with her trinket box

 Kate hard at work on her Bear bowl

 Georgina painting her bear (bit of a theme)

Evie with her bowl

 And me (Anne) with my bear plate. We didn't plan to all paint so many bears it just happened!

 Bear close up.


 And the gang (missing a few ladies here)

Thursday 13 December 2012

12 days till Christmas!

Only 12 days till Christmas, so here are my top 12 (in no particular order) Cocoa treats from the shop.

1. Turkish Delight in a beautiful keepsake tin. These have flown off the shelf this year!

2. Montezuma's Chilli & Lime Chocolate Snowballs, for a very zesty Christmas!

 3. Amazing stripey straws for your Christmas tipples! Or possibly the start of some Christmas craft?

4. The cutest praline snowmen, too cute to eat?

5. Italian Nougat at it's best. I'm a complete sucker for packaging but it's gorgeous!

 6. Rococo's Truffle pig box. (we call this our 'man present')

 7. Something I have failed to not eat, Brandy Butter truffles. I must have had about 10 (this week) so good luck buying any yourself!

 8. Proper comfort food, Panettone.

 9. Nutcracker Christmas decoration, I'm a big fan of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

 10. Our own Christmas tea, great for warming you up!

 11. Manderin Lemonade, great for Christmas dinner parties.

 12. The Cherry on top...Cherries soaked in Kirsh!

Which one will you pick?