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Friday 29 April 2011

Barclay's One Small Step Competition

We entered a competition to win £50,000! This is our entry video above.

Please click on the link https://www.takeonesmallstep.co.uk/Entry/Detail/401 and 'LIKE' our entry and write a comment if you have something sweet to say! The more the merrier and it looks good for the judges!

The competition is regional so there are 9 lots of £50,000 to win! Our region is the North East and we are up against many brilliant applications (including Sheffield's very own Tea Box, we love their film you should watch it!) so it's going to be a tough competition!
The judges select 3 entries to go through to the next round (announced 11th May) then they're put to the public vote!

Good luck everyone!

One of Last Year's winners: The Papered Parlour

Our favourite regional winner from last year was the Papered Parlour, based in Clapham. Owned by two lovely ladies! They are definitely Cocoa's cup of tea have a look at their beautiful website! They run workshops such as dressmaking and silversmithing, as well as hosting hen parties and even serve tea-based cocktails! I love the sound of one of their dress making classes "Make me a domestic sewing goddess"! We'd love to go and visit them one day for a cuppa, their cafe looks beautiful!

Perhaps we could have Anne's hen do there next year...?!

The North East Region winner: Fidgets

Last year's North Eastern (Sheffield's region) winner, was Fidgets, a hair salon for kids. What a good idea! Think I'd like to go visit myself, looks like jolly good fun!

Cocoa and the Chocolate Factory....................

So if we won the money...Our dream is to make Cocoa's own range of chocolate concoctions, we have been plotting this for some time now and have many crazy ideas! Somebody once said in the Cocoa comments book that Anne and I are Willy Wonka's daughters, that's how we feel hehehe!

We saved our pennies from Easter and went on a chocolate course at the Chocolate Academy last year, since then we have been conjuring up some tasty treats in our own kitchens. We just need some ££s to get us started.

We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Meet our Easter Farmyard!

We love Easter, it's always so colourful and bright! We have some lovely cardboard eggs in that you can fill up yourself with lots of mini eggs and bunnies. Can you see the cheeky Charlie Chicks peeping out from under the eggs?

Happy hens sitting on top of some real hand painted egg shells filled with praline! They are YUM! I wonder what they do with the left over egg, hope they make a giant omelette or pancakes or something!

Doris and Daisy Duck having a little cuddle and a well earned rest on Cocoa's pretty eggs!

Louie Lamb officially the cutest of Cocoa's Easter residents!

A beautiful basket of joyous chocolate eggs!

You can eat Derek the Duck and his freinds! They are actually chocolate ducks they do look very convincing!

Wednesday 13 April 2011

The day our Chocolate Hero came to Cocoa

A week or so ago our ultimate chocolate hero paid us a visit. Mott Green (a real life Willy Wonka!!), and the founder of the Grenada Chocolate Co. came all the way from the Caribbean to see Cocoa (and some other places in the UK)!

You may have heard of the chocolate making co-operative, it was on Trevor McDonald's 'Secret Caribbean' show on ITV a while ago.

Mott brought with him piles of his delicious chocolate and gave it away to our customers all day long! (trying to tempt those naughty people who have given up chocolate for lent!).

The Grenada Chocolate bar is sold internationally and is available here in the UK, as well as many Caribbean countries and the USA. Due to British support and love of good chocolate, the bar has proved most popular in the UK. Our constant enthusiasm for this special bar has certainly helped selling over 1000 bars a year!

Mott's Grenadian chocolate is meant to be the most politically correct in existence. It is made in the smallest chocolate factory in the world, which is solar powered and a co-operative, using antique and homemade machinery to process the cocoa. Most of the world's cocoa beans are shipped off to Europe where they are processed and made into chocolate. Usually mixed up with Cocoa & cocoa butter from other parts of the world. This makes Grenada and the Grenada Chocolate Co. very unique in the Chocolate world.

We at Cocoa have been supporting the Grenada Chocolate Co. for nearly 7 years now and it is by far our best seller! There is a truly unique richness to its flavour, this is due to how the chocolate is made and the superior quality of the organic beans grown in Grenada. We went over to see Mott and his factory in Grenada last January and stayed on a cocoa plantation where we lived and breathed cocoa for three weeks. We learned how the cocoa was farmed and processed into chocolate.