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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here and it's come full throttle, infact it feels like summer today! And the best thing about Spring is Easter. At Cocoa we have an abundance of eggs, bunnies, chicks, ducks, lambs and hens it feels like a chocolate farmyard! I just wanted to show you a few of our favourites here before they all hop off to new homes.

This 'Guess How Much I Love You' egg is so beautiful.

This keepsake vintage tin is great to fill up year after year.

What a Cutie!

 Belgian Chocolate 'Oeufs'

A very glamourous egg and they are selling really fast!

 Lovely old fashioned cardboard eggs to fill up with whatever you like.

 A little Lapin.

 Probably too cute to eat really.


Organic, gluten free Eco egg by Montezumas.

 Chick chick chick chick chicken! Little praline ones.


A very handsome Rooster indeed.

Handmade in Bakewell this Kilo egg might take till next Easter to eat, you wait till you see the 4 kilo one!

 Little duckling.

Praline nests in the chocolate cabinet.


 Magic Easter eggs!

 And finally something very special, hand painted in Kashmir & filled with Champagne truffles.

Thursday 15 March 2012

The Weird & the Wonderful

In Cocoa we sell a lot of unusual products that sound bizarre but somehow work. Here are just a few treats that are both weird & wonderful.

To love or to hate? The Marmite milk chocolate bar always divides our customers.

Chocolate pebbles, they look like tiny rocks but they are infact sugar coated chocolate.


Montezuma's have some great flavours, here is one of my favourites Dark chocolate with Lime & Sea salt. I love the name aswell!

Handmade in Castleton, these Strawberry & Black pepper truffles make an unusual but delightful combination.

New to our sweet range, raspberry bon bons. They will definitely make your tongue go blue!

Rococo's Basil & Lime bar in dark chocolate.


Another salty one, Milk chocolate covered Pretzels!


An old fashioned classic but they look like twigs. A healthy snack none the less, Liquorice roots.


Also made in Castleton, Chilli & Lime truffles in white chocolate.

These French olives make a lovely dinner party treat.


They are infact almonds covered in chocolate.

And finally Rococo's chocolate Ravioli, including white chocolate with Cardamon, chilli chocolate & salty caramels.

Wednesday 14 March 2012

The Mother of all Afternoon teas...for Mother's day!

 Cocoa has always been quite a girly place, (it's pink inside and it's full of chocolate!) so what better place to treat your Mum this weekend for mother's day. We will be serving up these exclusive treats with a pot of tea from 11am-6pm on the 18th in Cocoa.

Our mother's day display in Cocoa.

 Gorgeous linen from The Front Parlour on Sharrowvale. (we love this place)


 Here are a few ideas of what else we have in the shop and online for your mother dear:

Rococo's Cat that got the Cream box of fresh truffles.

 It's a classic, the tradional strawberry bon bons

 For a lover of tea & chocolate there is an answer..the Earl Grey Tea chocolate bar!

Montezuma's Yummy Mummy truffle selection comes in 2 sizes.

 New to us, Rococo's Rose & Violet cream box set

Or Rococo's Milk chocolate with Rose.

Continuing the theme here...Rose Turkish Delight!

 And finally one of my faves, Holdworth's handmade Violet creams.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Sunlight on Closed lids

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, then I got this gorgeous parcel from Sunlight on closed lids . This really brightened up my day, so I ripped open the box and revealed all the beautiful cards to sell in the shop. I took some pics and thought I would share them with you.

I had first found these cards in Edinburgh. There is a great little shop called The Red Door Gallery and I found this card and gave it to Kate as a present since she loves Cuckoo Clocks.


 We loved this card so much we wanted to sell the whole range, so we got in contact with another Kate from Sunlight on closed lids and asked if we could sell her cards in Cocoa. Kate was super keen and we also found out she had come to Sheffield for uni and we actually knew most of her uni mates (small world). So here are some pics in the sunlight of Sheffield for you.

All cards available in Cocoa, while stocks last!