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Monday 20 August 2012

We scream for Ice Cream!

When it comes to Summer we all need to cool off  and in Cocoa we like to do that with some delicious local Ice Cream. So here's what we have in the Cocoa freezer today.

Yee Kwan makes really unique flavours using local cream & milk with an Asian twist, such as Lychee ice cream. Here are the flavours we sell:


Mango & Passionfruit Ripple



Turkish Delight


Chocolate & Chilli


 Our Cow Molly make their local ice cream on their own farm (with their own cow, Molly!) They have traditional flavours made from a family business that has a srong history. Here are the classic flavours we sell:


Mint choc Chip



it's a classic...Vanilla

Thursday 9 August 2012

A few of my favourite things... La Rosa, Campsite & Hotel, Whitby

This is the first installment of a series of posts I'm going to write which will introduce you to some of the many things in the that bring me great joy & make life worth living!

No.1 My all time favourite place(s) on the planet.... La Rosa. If you have met me before you will have probably heard of it because I do tend to talk about it a lot..

La Rosa Campsite (not just any old campsite, but a Campsite Extraordinaire) is in the North Yorkshire Moors and lies between the lovely villages Goathland (where I call 'Heartbeat-land', another thing I am very fond of...) and Egton. La Rosa Hotel is on Whitby sea front.

I'll begin with La Rosa Campsite....

You stay in vintage vans all furnished with quirky decorations in different themes

There is a 'Big Top Tent' a communal area with the kitchen and seating... more importantly a whole wardrobe of dressing up outfits! We had great fun in here.

Becky dressed as a banana!

Ohh la la

It's not far from the pub... it's this way!

An outside bath

Showers in the barn

Soil toilet in an old fortune teller's van

I felt very at home having an on site sweet shop! Perfect for late night sugar cravings!

Weeeeeeeeeee! I never want to leave!

La Rosa Hotel, Victorian Seaside fun! 

Apparently Lewis Carroll stayed here! 

My boyfriend has taken me here many times to celebrate my Birthday. We didn't go last year and my birthday felt incomplete (we stayed in a Travelodge in London, not quite the same somehow hehehe) so big hint Matthew, if it's good enough for Lewis...

Each room has a different theme. We always stay in the Sacre Coeur, think it's the most romantic....

You can just about make out the sea view and the abbey, it's breathtaking! 

We have this cup and saucer so I felt most at home with my cup of tea!

Lovely chequerboard tiles and bathtub

Picnic in bed for breakfast!

If you fancy paying a visit to La Rosa, take a look at website www.larosa.co.uk. 
They're all lovely people & would love to have you to stay I'm sure!

Kate x

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Timeless Tins in Cocoa

In Cocoa we have a lovely collection of keepsake tins. I just wanted to show you what we have available in the shop & online. Great to eat and keep allsorts in later.

New to Cocoa we have this charming lady with her chocolate thins.

And this charming man, it's Uncle Joe and his Mint balls.

Love these gorgeous Italian tins of liquorice.

Spanish Amatller tins with chocolate leaves inside.

Available in four different designs.

They have also got a range of tins with marcona almonds covered in chocolate.

Love the colour of this spaghetti tin full of biscuits.

Beautiful Italian Violet tin

And a cinnamon one too!