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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Wedding favours; tried and tested!

Kate and I spend a long time making up wedding favours but rarely get to eat them! This year a few of our friends got hitched, which gave us a chance to see these little boxes in action.
First up this year was Roisin and Tom's wedding. Unfortunately we didn't make it to this one (due to another wedding) but they were kind enough to send a pic of what we were missing.

So they had Fresh milk & Pink Champagne truffles in a pink box with blue ribbon. They have also added a tag which looks great!

Next up was Tim and Emma's wedding over in Bridlington. Their theme was red, so we put together a selection of truffles in small white boxes with red ribbon. This matched everything on the table, as you can see.

This is Kate and I (Anne) enjoying our chocs!

...And Becky having fun with the ribbon!

And finally we went to Jen and Mark's wedding in Wetherby. Their theme was blue, so we got stripey bags and inside was Scottish Tablet. They added tags which look great, especially with the names written up on a typewritter.

Here is Kate enjoying hers.

They also wanted a Sweeie bar, so they borrowed our jars with a variety of sweets.

Here they used the typewritter and blue card for the sweetie tags, keeping to the theme.

Ellen is enjoying the sweets!

...As is Julia!

That's it for our invites this year but next year I am getting married so I'll be deciding what to do myself soon! Here are a few ideas I could use....

Roses are red, Violets are blue.....Rose & Violet creams in a box for £1.50 each

These beautiful Rococo floral bee bars are also £1.50 each

I love these boxes of Italian sweets for £1.99 each.

These Amaretti biscuits are only 50p each, but look beautiful.

For something retro I could have the classic love heart sweets, at only 20p they are a bargain!

And if I'm feeling traditional, I could have sugared almonds in a organza bag for £1.50 each.