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Tuesday 1 July 2014

Our chocolate library

Last weekend our choco-library managed to be featured in the Do Something magazine in the Guardian. About a month ago they had asked readers for pictures of mini libraries and I thought ours would make a good picture. Here it is in the magazine...

I thought I would explain about our library and some of my faves in there. 

When Kate and I first took over the business we wanted to get clued up on everything about chocolate and so we began collecting any books that would help our knowledge. When we opened the cafe we put the books out for others to read and over the years people have added their own. People borrow recipes to make their own chocolate cakes at home and more recently teachers have borrowed them for lesson planning. And of course a lot of customers have a read when they are in our cafe.

Here are my top 10 books on our shelf:

This one is actually more of a magazine but I love the old prints in it

This is a great book for chocolate lovers and has some great tips for how to taste chocolate.

 This was given to us from a customer, I love how kitch the cover is!

This is one used a lot by teachers for lesson plans it's educational and great for any age

A great recipe book if you love to cook with chocolate, a lot of these have been baked by us over the years.

This is very detailed and accurate if you are really into the history of chocolate, took me ages to read but well worth it.

This was written by the founder of Hotel Chocolate and has some great pictures of their plantation.

A great history book for children and a really fun way of learning.

A classic chocolate book! Love everything about it.

Even better as we met Joanne Harris in 2013 to get our copy signed.

And my personal favourite, this is my copy from years ago. You can tell it was well loved by the dog earred cover.

My younger brother and I went through a stage of 'owning' our books. You can see my name underneath and he must have written over mine wanting it to be his! 

Please feel free to read and borrow any of the Cocoa books, they are waiting to be loved.