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Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Cocoa Museum

So in Cocoa we have an eclectic collection of chocolate & confectionery related memorabilia. This was started by Rachell (the previous owner) & we have added our own trinkets along the way. In the Lounge there is a mini museum for all to see, here are a few of my favourites.

When my Gran was moved into a home, Kate and I started to clear her house not realising what treasures we would find that were perfect for Cocoa.
I like to think it was all meant to be and she kept them for us not knowing.

This one makes me laugh as she has written 'BANDAGES' on the side then scribbled it out, ruining this old box of Nestle's chocolates. Nevermind. Then 'First Aid' on the back, very practical.

This one is a beautiful illustration of Ducks on a small tin of cough pastilles.

Another tin from my Gran's house
, she must have really had some cough problems!

And again a practical storage tin for your keys and buttons, we still don't know till this day where these keys lead to?

This one Kate and I found in an antique shop in Bristol, we were getting ideas for the cafe at the time. I put the box in the window of the shop so unfortunately I've damaged it with too much sunlight and water, the back is a deep shade of purple.

We also got this really old tin of Bournville Cocoa, it's really rusty but I love it.

This old tin of Quality street was found at The Front Parlour on Sharrow Vale, which is the perfect place to find these kind of connections to the past.

Finally some gems Rachell found, at a guess from e-bay. This jar is what sweet shops are all about.

This battered old tin of biscuits must have made a lovely present many years ago.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

New cakes in Cocoa

We've started selling homemade cakes in Cocoa land, here are a few pics to show you what's been on offer so far. There will be a different selection of cakes each day with much of the focus on what's in season (and chocolate of course!)

Rhubarb loves Custard, Romance Cake
-I believe rhubarb is custard's soul mate!

This tasty number was crafted using forced rhubarb which is grown by candlelight! Who'd have thought it!! I thought that sounded quite romantic, quite apt as it's nearly Valentines Day!

The fruit (and veg) used to concoct these delights comes from Sharrow Marrow on Sharrowvale Road, our most favourite fruit & veg shop round the corner from us, Nikki has a wonderful range of locally sourced produce. Her shop is a feast for your eyes! Go in if you haven't already!

Scrumdiddlyumptious Double Chocolate Muffins!

The chocolate used is Cocoa's own and of course the very best! We try to match the chocolate to the recipe, so if it is a fruity concoction then a fruity chocolate like Valrhona's Madagascan Manjari couveture will be used or if it is a nutty recipe a more mellow Venezuelan chocolate will be used.

Good old Carrot Cake !

Will you be Cocoa's Valentine?

As a token of Cocoa's endless love for her dear cherished customers, we have sneaked five Golden Tickets inside some of our Valentine treats! They entitle you to lots of freebies including free chocolate tastings, hot choccie & the main prize, a luxury Love Hamper!

Exciting stuff!

If you find one of this tiny borrower-sized envelopes hidden in your chocolates jolly well open it and whatever you do don't eat it, it won't taste nice and we won't be able to give you your treat! Make sure you bring it in and claim you prize so we can get all giddy with excitment with you!

Here's a clue to where those glimmering sheets of gold might be...

Yummy Ed Monkton Neapolitans to make you smile and feel all lovely and fuzzy inside!

Cute Handmade lovli-pop

Beautiful handmade extra-special chocolates made using Valrhona choc, they taste even better than they look and look even better in real-life (this picture doesn't do them justice hehehe!)

There's waaay more to choose from in the shop so hurry before we sell out!!

So.. will you be Cocoa's Valentine? Buy something from our love range to find out!!