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Thursday 13 October 2011

Ohhh!! ...the horror of it all

An Unwanted Visitor

We regret to inform you that the enchanted sweetie wonderland you know as Cocoa is coming to terms with a very unfortunate event; this is a plea for help!

Anne & Kate love entertaining and enjoy having Cocoa's doors open everyday for visitors to come and relax in Cocoa's comfortable surroundings, like a home from home! Sometimes Cocoa visitors find Cocoa so cosy they stay a while, that's fine we don't mind! However, one day last week a terrible thing happened... An unusually horrid visitor came and never left....

A cruel dark spell has been cast upon us! Cocoa has been transformed into what can only described as a witches Lair. Since our unwelcome guest moved in, the sun has disappeared and the days are short, dark and cold. The worst thing is that some of Cocoa's special treats have been transformed into the ugliest most grotesque sweets imaginable! Some terrible atrocities have occurred. The lovely lady birds are now hideous spiders (we are convinced they have fangs) , the cute gummy bears are now eerie skeletons, the teddy bear lollipops are bats, the list goes on.

The only way the curse can be lifted is if we rid Cocoa of these terrifying dare I say it 'treats'?! We have until 31st October to set Cocoa free or we will in this gut wrenching state until the end of time. Don't despair just hurry on over to the Witches Lair (AKA Cocoa) and purchase some of these gruesome sweets.