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Thursday 24 November 2011

Birthday trip to London

Kate and I were born 3 days apart, so every November we have much to celebrate! This year we both went to London (with our gentlemen friends) and this is a little snapshot of what I got up to this time.

So we started off in Spitalfields market as my friend Camilla was doing a stall there, I forgot to take a picture of her stall so check out her blog http://butterscotchandbeesting.blogspot.com/
But I did take this flamingo which I love

I accidently found Carnaby Street and really liked this window

Then treated myself to this crazy cakes

This is John (my boyfriend) back at the hotel

After much wandering around Bethnal Green I finally found one of my favourite places, Columbia road. Every Sunday there is a flower market along the road and the place is crammed full of people, live music and flowers! It's a real buzz and I love the indivual shops down there. This shop sold wall stickers, this one reminds me of the Cocoa lounge wall- but all the pictures of a lot darker!

Some flowers for you...

This shop had tiny cakes for a doll's house, how cute.

This shop is called Suck & Chew, it's an old fashioned sweet shop.

I had to take this picture of a fox at the window

Then I found my favourite shop, run by two friends it's called J&B check out their website

Finally a trip to Harrods and of course I started with the Chocolate department. Here I found some gorgeous boxes that looked like they would fit in Cocoa..

And Holdsworth's truffles from Bakewell were there, I was very proud as we sell their truffles in our shop.