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Thursday 17 October 2013

Social Media Chocolate

This is just a silly blog really but I wanted to show you how we made this...

 It was an idea I had ages ago when I realised there was nothing in the shop that suggested we even had a facebook, twitter & blog account for the shop. It's so easy to get carried away using social media everyday & forget to point out the obvious. So I wanted to make a picture that had all our social media together that could live in the shop for customers to see.

First I started with my favourite thing in the world, chocolate paint! I decided to paint on white chocolate as the colours would stand out more & all logos had white in them. Here is my Facebook logo...

 I think this is my personal fave, the Twitter bird. I actually used the same facebook blue chocolate paint and mixed it with a white chocolate paint to get as close as I could to the logo colour...

& the blogger B

 This is my first trial of putting them together. I wanted it to look like a chocolate bar which had been opened, which it is! So I included the foil & wrapper from the bar...

This time I wanted a brighter background, so I got a candy stripe bag...

So from here I got our friend Phil (who lives round the corner from the shop) to take some photos on his much better camera and Cocoa Kate very kindly did all the technical stuff, as she is very good at  
that & from there we got the final piece...

 BUT then today I felt like completing this whole project with a bite! I really like the results but I do feel sick as I have eaten an entire white chocolate bar to myself!

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Jamie & Helen's Lovely wedding

Been meaning to put this up for AGES! So this Summer our good friends Jamie & Helen got married, Kate and I lived with Jamie many moons ago now. Then Jamie & Helen moved to China for 4 years (hence our trip to China back in 2011). Jamie's sister Emily was also our very first Cocoa girl back in 2008. Here is Emily as a gorgeous bridesmaid.

And here is me and Kate, having a tipple. I love this pic!

So as an experiment we made them a giant nib-a-licious bar (a huge version of the one we sell) for their wedding. This seemed like a good idea when I asked Jamie what his favourite bar was but in reality on the wedding day it was so hot I feared the bar would not make it!

This was my first attempt with edible paint (I'm now obsessed with it!)

And we included other chocolate moulds such as roses & buttons.

 Then Jamie & Helen very kindly sent a thank you card with this picture of it. This really shows the scale of the bar.

All in all a great wedding, a great couple & a massive chocolate bar!