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Friday 15 October 2010


A few weeks ago Cocoa was the location for a photoshoot for The Daisy Project (created by a lovely and very gifted lady named Maria Terry.)

The photographers,
Russell Skidmore Photography (www.russell-skidmore-photography.co.uk) & India Hobson (Fashion Photographer www.indiahobsonphotography.co.uk) took some wonderful photos.

'The Daisy Project is my personal attempt to rescue old beautiful textiles and upcycle them into something wearable in the 21st century.
I want to take the tablecloths languishing in cupboards and give them a new life with modern women.
' - Maria Terry

'As a little girl I watched my mother create the most gorgeous evening gowns and benefited from her skills by having the loveliest dresses. Mum taught me to sew using the left over fabrics and demanding small, neat and even stitches. I made lovely clothes for Samantha my favourite doll.' - Maria Terry (above)

Maria asked Anne and I if we would like to model some of her garments. We were a bit hesitant at first (the thought of getting chocolate on her clean white creations scared us!) but Maria assured us that the dresses were fully washable.

We were very careful and kept our chocolates well away!

Each item is made from carefully chosen vintage cotton embellished with embroidery and/or lace. No two garments will ever be the same.

This dress was one of my favourites, I love the lace detail around the shoulders (I think this was the collar of a Victorian blouse).

'With a vintage garment signs of age and wear are inevitable and are part of the story. With gentle handwashing and careful ironing they should give long and lovely wear.' - Maria Terry

They are made by me on a domestic sewing machine, hand sewn and with at least one embroidered daisy.

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  1. This is basically a blog entry on how funny life can be... last Friday (only a week ago) I was reading a magazine while waiting for a fancy haircut, and there was an article about the Daisy Project in there. On Monday my friend took me to Cocoa for the first time for your utterly divine hot chocolate. And then today I see this! Hurrah for how small the arts & crafts & homemade & small business communities come together in Sheffield!