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Monday 24 September 2012

A very Cocoa Hen Do: Part 2

Hen do part 2 was made for anyone that couldn't make Brighton. It was a secret Midsummer night's dream Hen do picnic! Conjoured up by very good friends. This is the sort of thing we were going for...

With a mixture of scenes from Narnia (the BBC version that I was brought up on!) I love all the tents, the garlands and the scene where a group of animals are having a banquet outside. I may have mentioned this to my bridesmaid's many times.

This is Katie (a bridesmaid) taking me (the hen) to my magical tent, in Endcliffe park.

I'm mainly in shock that my mum is there and has already stolen the nearest baby!

The Marquee was lovingly set up with an abundance of bold cushions, bunting, flowers, delicous food and lovely ladies.

And Babies!

Here is Kate looking very excited!

And look at all the treats! Can you spot some Cocoa goodies...

I was given wings, flowers and more flowers to feel truely magical. This is Jo who had to lie about when she was in Sheffield when I phoned her, so it was a suprise when she came!

And our extra Hen do boys, Mylo, Albert & George.

 George was a big fan of the cakes, as was this dog!


 Next up Garland making...

Picnic Time!



Cocoa girls get some cuddles in...


 I think some spells may have been cast

 Everyone is turning into animals!!


Me chilling out after a splendid day with friends & flowers.

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  1. What a beautiful looking hen day! Inspired xx lucci