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Thursday 15 March 2012

The Weird & the Wonderful

In Cocoa we sell a lot of unusual products that sound bizarre but somehow work. Here are just a few treats that are both weird & wonderful.

To love or to hate? The Marmite milk chocolate bar always divides our customers.

Chocolate pebbles, they look like tiny rocks but they are infact sugar coated chocolate.


Montezuma's have some great flavours, here is one of my favourites Dark chocolate with Lime & Sea salt. I love the name aswell!

Handmade in Castleton, these Strawberry & Black pepper truffles make an unusual but delightful combination.

New to our sweet range, raspberry bon bons. They will definitely make your tongue go blue!

Rococo's Basil & Lime bar in dark chocolate.


Another salty one, Milk chocolate covered Pretzels!


An old fashioned classic but they look like twigs. A healthy snack none the less, Liquorice roots.


Also made in Castleton, Chilli & Lime truffles in white chocolate.

These French olives make a lovely dinner party treat.


They are infact almonds covered in chocolate.

And finally Rococo's chocolate Ravioli, including white chocolate with Cardamon, chilli chocolate & salty caramels.

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