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Wednesday 14 March 2012

The Mother of all Afternoon teas...for Mother's day!

 Cocoa has always been quite a girly place, (it's pink inside and it's full of chocolate!) so what better place to treat your Mum this weekend for mother's day. We will be serving up these exclusive treats with a pot of tea from 11am-6pm on the 18th in Cocoa.

Our mother's day display in Cocoa.

 Gorgeous linen from The Front Parlour on Sharrowvale. (we love this place)


 Here are a few ideas of what else we have in the shop and online for your mother dear:

Rococo's Cat that got the Cream box of fresh truffles.

 It's a classic, the tradional strawberry bon bons

 For a lover of tea & chocolate there is an answer..the Earl Grey Tea chocolate bar!

Montezuma's Yummy Mummy truffle selection comes in 2 sizes.

 New to us, Rococo's Rose & Violet cream box set

Or Rococo's Milk chocolate with Rose.

Continuing the theme here...Rose Turkish Delight!

 And finally one of my faves, Holdworth's handmade Violet creams.

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