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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Mr Popple's Raw Chocolate

New in to Cocoa we have...... Raw chocolate! So what exactly is raw chocolate? Well normal chocolate comes from beans which have been roasted and mixed with sugar, this raw chocolate is made from un-roasted beans and instead of sugar has a natural sweeter called yacon. Raw un-roasted beans are really high in antioxidents and have 0ver 300 nutritional and feel good compounds that make you feel ....well good! By using Yacon as a sweetner instead of sugar you won't get any energy slumps.

Here is Mr Popple's range of bars. All of Mr Popple's bars are also gluten, soya and dairy free. The ingredients are fairly traded and even the packaging is 100% recycled & bio-degradable. As well as tasting great this chocolate has pretty magical benefits for us. Because the beans are not roasted we save all the nutrients (that would have been lost in the roasting process) creating psychoactive effects, such as...

Tryptophan – the body can convert this essential amino acid into serotonin which is one of the most powerful mood elevating neurotransmitters. Having an abundance of serotonin will help you feel great all day! Raw cacao is known as “nature’s prozac” for this reason
Theobromine – has a similar effect to caffeine
Anandimine – this cannabinoid produces mild feelings of bliss
Endorphins – released when eating exceptional chocolate, these produce a warm inner glow
Phenylethylamine (PEA) – this is the chemical released by the brain when we fall in love

And here are Mr Popple's bars in Cocoa, we are hoping to get the whole range in soon and then pop them into our cyber shop. Why not come in to cocoa and try chocolate that definitely won't make you feel guitly!

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