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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Jamie & Helen's Lovely wedding

Been meaning to put this up for AGES! So this Summer our good friends Jamie & Helen got married, Kate and I lived with Jamie many moons ago now. Then Jamie & Helen moved to China for 4 years (hence our trip to China back in 2011). Jamie's sister Emily was also our very first Cocoa girl back in 2008. Here is Emily as a gorgeous bridesmaid.

And here is me and Kate, having a tipple. I love this pic!

So as an experiment we made them a giant nib-a-licious bar (a huge version of the one we sell) for their wedding. This seemed like a good idea when I asked Jamie what his favourite bar was but in reality on the wedding day it was so hot I feared the bar would not make it!

This was my first attempt with edible paint (I'm now obsessed with it!)

And we included other chocolate moulds such as roses & buttons.

 Then Jamie & Helen very kindly sent a thank you card with this picture of it. This really shows the scale of the bar.

All in all a great wedding, a great couple & a massive chocolate bar!

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