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Monday 18 June 2012

Floral Fancies

 Cocoa is full of floral treats and I just wanted to show you some of the best in bloom!

Here is a Berry tea made up with Rose buds and Hibiscus called Pink Potion Tea. A real floral concoction!


 This Jasmine tea, (Jasmine posy) is a light and refeshing green tea with Jasmine petals.


 This flowering tea is called Jasmine Arch, these beautiful petals uncurl into a work of art when added to hot water. These are served in the Cocoa cafe or you can buy them as buds to serve at home.


 Also served in the cafe is Fentiman's Rose Lemonade. We love these bottles to keep, for putting flowers in!


 In the Cocoa lounge we sell many floral gifts & baking goods, such as this beautiful vintage rose cake decorating set.


This cake mould makes any cake look special.


 These cookie cutters are a really simple idea for baking with the kids.


 These floral cases are beautiful to display your cupcakes in.


 And these sugared Rose petals are perfect for cake toppings.


This colourful oil Clutch bag is a great way of keeping all your essentials in.

Close up.


 This Japanese fabric has been turned into a lovely little purse by Tommy & Zac

 And now to the shop for a nibble...delicious Violet pastilles in a beautiful keepsake tin.

 Pretty Flowers!


Old school sweets..Parma Violets.


 And now for some floral chocolate...Rococo's Rose & Violet creams.

Rococo's Floral bar range.

 Roe Dark Chocolate.

Violet Dark Chocolate.

 Jasmine Dark Chocolate.

Rose Milk Chocolate.

 Lavender Dark Chocolate.

In the truffle cabinet...Violet Cream, Lavender truffle and Rose Cream.

Close up Violet Cream

Yes I had a nibble to show you the inside!


 Close up, Lavender truffle.

 Close up, Rose Cream.

and another nibble!

 Finally the Floral wrapping paper...

Available in the shop near the till.

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