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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Butterscotch and Beesting

Roll up Roll up for the magic of Butterscotch and Beesting confectionary!

I think it's high time we told you about a circus of imagination, sweets and madness! Also known as Butterscotch and Beesting. Created by a very regular Cocoa customer, Camilla. I don't even know where to start describing the Circus Camilla has created (in her head), but basically it's run by Miss Betty Butterscotch and Mr Bumblewick Beesting. A proper explanation of this is all explained here. All we need to know for now are the sweets Butterscotch and Beesting have created that live in Cocoa. Let's take a peek....

The Flying Tattercock's Cannonballs

And if you weren't sure what a Tattercock is well....


 Fizzy Fortune Fish

And a little explanation of how Betty found them.


 Heidi's Humbugs

 And how she got her humbugs...

Betty's Fizzy Whizzbees.

And a warning!

Betty's Boucing Beans.

And why they bouce!

 Nurse Betty's Magical Antidote.

 And how they work...

 And finally Betty Butterscotch's Swirly Snails.

 And how they got their swirl!


 All these delightful treats are available in Cocoa but the question is will Betty and Bumblewick find love under the big top?

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