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Thursday 12 April 2012

The Art of Cocoa

Our friend Katie bought me this paint palette for a birthday present one year and it gave me an idea. I thought about the colours in Cocoa and sort of came up with this.

This palatte features: Barratt Bananas, Ben's fizzy Whizzies (green ones), liquorice comfits (orange ones) Haribo Giant Strawberries, Barratt Shrimps and Raspberry Bon Bons

           Palette number 2 is made up of all the treats we use to make the decadent hot chocolates, such as the Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolate.

Featuring: the thick hot chocolate (made of dark chocolate & cream), chocolate fudge brownie pieces, caramelised hazelnuts, cherry kirsh, marshmallows and vermicelli sprinkles.

I like this one as the stripes of our awning are reflected in the cherry kirsh.

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