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Tuesday 8 March 2011

New Cocoa Menu!

We have a new menu to show you! Just so you know Cocoa serves drinks until 5pm every weekday and Saturdays, Sundays last orders are 4pm.

New additions to the menu include Cocoa Nib 'coffee', not actually coffee but delightful drunk in the same way. This a delicious drink made by grinding cocoa beans and mixing with hot water,served in a cafetiere. Pleasant with or without milk. This drink is a healthy alternative to coffee and has similar (probably better) effects, it is meant to improve focus, alertness & contains nutrients to make you happy!! You could add a pinch of chilli then it wouldn't be far of the original Aztec drink!

Rose Lemonade is another new drink. The delicate rose flavour is a wonderful contrast to the tartness of the lemons.

The Black Forest Gateau Hot Chocolate was a special concoction of ours, it was so popular it has made it onto our main menu! There will be a new flavoured Hot Chocolate every week, this week it's a White Chocolate Hot chocolate, very sweet & creamy.

A varied selection of homemade cakes, Macaroons & Belgian Waffles will also be on offer....

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