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Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Cocoa Museum

So in Cocoa we have an eclectic collection of chocolate & confectionery related memorabilia. This was started by Rachell (the previous owner) & we have added our own trinkets along the way. In the Lounge there is a mini museum for all to see, here are a few of my favourites.

When my Gran was moved into a home, Kate and I started to clear her house not realising what treasures we would find that were perfect for Cocoa.
I like to think it was all meant to be and she kept them for us not knowing.

This one makes me laugh as she has written 'BANDAGES' on the side then scribbled it out, ruining this old box of Nestle's chocolates. Nevermind. Then 'First Aid' on the back, very practical.

This one is a beautiful illustration of Ducks on a small tin of cough pastilles.

Another tin from my Gran's house
, she must have really had some cough problems!

And again a practical storage tin for your keys and buttons, we still don't know till this day where these keys lead to?

This one Kate and I found in an antique shop in Bristol, we were getting ideas for the cafe at the time. I put the box in the window of the shop so unfortunately I've damaged it with too much sunlight and water, the back is a deep shade of purple.

We also got this really old tin of Bournville Cocoa, it's really rusty but I love it.

This old tin of Quality street was found at The Front Parlour on Sharrow Vale, which is the perfect place to find these kind of connections to the past.

Finally some gems Rachell found, at a guess from e-bay. This jar is what sweet shops are all about.

This battered old tin of biscuits must have made a lovely present many years ago.

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  1. I love looking at all the knick knacs in Cocoa. One day i hope to have a 'cocoa room' in our house :)