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Thursday 6 May 2010


OK first blog....I hope this will be an insight into the bizarre world that is Cocoa. So me (Anne) and my best friend Kate own a beautiful little chocolate shop in Sheffield,UK called Cocoa. It is a boutique of all things sweet and delicious, from popping candy to gourmet chocolate bars, handmade truffles to brittle liquorice we love to see people treat themselves and others. Nestled inside the shop you will find a secret tea parlour...

...we call this place the Cocoa lounge and upstairs you will discover the Butterfly Boudoir....

Here you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea, or hot chocolate or even a ginger beer to accompany a cake or truffles or at best both! The Cocoa lounge is laden with gifts to create your very own tea party at home. At night the rooms host groups of Chocolate tasters, and the Cocoa girls feed them a variety of chocolate from around the world. Every month Cocoa hosts a knitting club and a book club, where people are welcome to escape and enjoy a hot chocolate with plenty of chat.

And this is our life.

Welcome to our world...

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